Our sustainable development policy


Polca is an economically stable company.


A responsible employer

  • • Polca offers a rewarding, stable occupation to its employees.
  • • Polca complies with all the legal staff remuneration and management provision.
  • • Polca pays special attention to the need to guarantee employees enjoy the right working conditions.
  • • Key commitment to staff training.
  • • A clearly defined and shared hygiene and safety policy.

An environmentally responsible company

Polca acknowledges the need to pay careful attention to its impact on the environment.

Curbing energy consumption:

The energy efficiency index was down 25.25 % in 2016 and the figure for CO2 emissions was 30.55%, in 2017.

Meeting environmental obligations:

All required permits are updated (Econsult).

Ethical Code

Ethical Code

The company adopted the Ethical Code www.ethicaltrade.org.